How to Encrypt IOS Devices

After Android encryption now its time to learn how to encrypt iOS devices. Apple introduced device encryption with iOS 8 back in 2014.

Enabling encryption on Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices is actually relatively simple. All it takes is a security code or fingerprint to enable it. While a basic four-digit passcode will do, for better protection I recommend using a longer numerical passcode or a password.

First head to “Settings”

Select “Touch ID & Passcode” (or “Passcode” for older devices without a fingerprint sensor)

Click on the “Turn Passcode On” option and enter in a passcode of your choice. A longer alphanumeric passcode is recommended but a six-digit PIN code will do as well. Avoid four-digit PINs as your passcode. You can change this from Passcode Options in “Set Passcode” screen.

Additionally, you can also opt to utilize Touch ID for biometric authentication if your device comes equipped with Apple’s Touch ID sensor.

Now to confirm if encryption is enabled or not, head to “Settings > Touch ID & Passcode” and then scroll to the bottom of the screen. Here you should see “Data protection is enabled

If you are stuck in the middle of the process or any doubt regarding how to encrypt Android or iOS devices feel free to comment below.

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